I’m Going Back To The Start

I’m Going Back To The Start

Last week, I attended “Home-based 101: How to Earn from Home as a VA and a Blogger”¬†

To be honest I don’t remember why I signed up for that seminar.

Wait, I do remember now because someone posted it on FB and it looked fun so I signed up ūüėÄ I haven’t been blogging for a – long – time. I felt I’m too busy to write anything. Frankly, it’s because I became busy with my personal (ahem) life. YEAH, panira¬†talaga ng pangrap ang pagibig. Charot!¬†To be honest, I don’t realise that the seminar will be focusing on the “blogging”, I thought it will be about selling your business online or being a VA. But I guess God has plans for me. For one, I realised how I missed writing! Second, I found out that some people earn money by airing their stuff online. So much fun meeting new people, expanding my network and finding a reason to start blogging again.

After the seminar, I really thought I will start to write the moment I got home – but again, I found myself having an excuse not to.

What should I write?
How will I start?
I cannot open my WordPress account! My Google Authenticator is not working! (More on this in next post!). But anyway, I scheduled to post a blog a week ago, then finally yesterday, I finally had the courage to start writing. ¬†It’s when I read my past posts that I did,

ANYWAY, so I scheduled to post a blog last Monday, then it became Tuesday, then Wednesday, Thursday, and finally yesterday, I really stood my ground and told myself let’s just start to post something. It doesn’t have to be perfect we just need to create a habit here. So I looked into my blog site, and look for topics I should write – I the last posts I did which were in the ¬†“Gratitude List”. After reading post after post I found myself laughing at what I wrote. Ang galing ko pala magsulat! hahaha. I have a lot of grammatical error, but I really found myself¬†happy after reading what I wrote.

So here goes nothing!

Is there something in your life that you felt you want to start over again too?
Let’s start over again!


I went to the seminar with my friends! (L-R) Lina, Loi and Me

FYI: For those of you who are interested in attending the seminar about working from home, search for “Manila Workshops”. ¬†Please do give me a shout out if you did sign up for their seminar ūüôā

Jesus in a Pop Song – Hold On Tight by Greg Holden

I heard this song on¬†Spotify –just this afternoon on my way to work.

After listening to it for the third time (yeah, it’s been on loop now because that’s how it is until I get sick of singing it), I now can’t choose a line to quote here–because ¬†every line speaks to me! Walang tapon na linya eh!¬†

But¬†I’ll share to you the few verses that first caught me:

So when you look at yourself
Tell me who do you see
Is it the person you’ve¬†been?
Or the person you’re gonna be

When I heard this, I envision¬†myself looking at¬†the mirror–totoo!¬†And I began to ask myself, how do I look at myself? Do I still see the old loser me? or do I see the person I want to be–or should I say, GOD WANTS¬†me to be: A WINNER?

I sooo love this song! This is my new go-to song if I want to shake myself off from SLACKING.

I guess the main message of the song is instead of complaining about what we don’t have, or what we have lost, why not we be grateful because we’re still alive. As the song goes:

Don’t take your life for granted
Why don’t you hold on tight
To what you’ve been handed
Cause you just don’t know how long you will have it

Check out the song here:

ps: officially fan-girling this artist now ūüėõ

Law of Attraction

While browsing photos in my Gmail theme settings, I came across with this photo:

I used this photo before as my Gmail Theme when I was just hoping and praying for a car Рsomething I learned from The Secret.

Backstory: At first I was really eyeing for that orange Ecosport, but later I found out that it is only available in the Titanium variant. I ended up buying the red one because the only reason I wanted the high-end model is for the color and as what my friends and family said to me — the color is not worth the 100K difference ūüėÄ

Looking intently at the photo now, I got goosebumps! THIS WAS NOT the orange-titanium Ecosport I was fantasizing before, this is the exact model that I’m driving now! The Red¬†Trend¬†variant.¬†I’m sure of this because the roof detail in the photo is black (for Titanium, it’s silver). Woah! So that’s how powerful visualization is. I might have to double-check my vision board, haha!

Jesus in a Pop Song – A Thousand Years

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

How can a person love you for a thousand years? No one in history has ever lived a thousand years.

The first time I heard this song, it was in a wedding,¬† and¬†I was like, ‘meh’. I have no idea this song was used in¬†Twilight.¬†But when I listened to it again in one of my bus-reflections¬†(Yes I do a lot of reflection when I’m riding a bus,¬†maybe I should write¬†about those?), I realized: Hey! this is not a love¬†song from anyone, because no one can literally live for a thousand years. And there’s ONLY¬†ONE who¬†can live for a thousand years!¬†So there I was, looping the song over-and-over and imagining God singing it to me…

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

So kakakilig! And I remember sharing this to my friend at the Feast, and she said if I found it¬†kakakilig, I have to listen to Boyce Avenue’s version so I did.

It does seem like God is serenading me. So you know that every time I hear this song, I can only think of Him singing it to me and no one else.

Reflections on Fireproof

It’s the last term of 2nd Year in College, and I experienced my first Sinko.

Ang malupit non, it’s a major subject: JAVA, coming from a malupit na professor.

The odd part, it’s the same term that I got my first Uno as well, pero ¬†in a minor subject.

Why did it happened? Did I start to question myself if I’m in the right¬†course? I don’t deserve this.

Frankly, I did deserved it. To be honest, wala naman talaga ako natutunan sa subject na ‘yon. Unfair lang kasi I’m not the type to fail on those kind of subjects – it just so happen na I don’t like the professor. Pero bakit yung ibang classmates ko na mas lalong walang alam kesa sa akin pinasa niya? Just because of the stupid project na na-late kami ng ilang minutes to pass (hindi ko sure kung ilang minutes or ilang hours, basta the only reason some of us passed is because they passed their projects on¬†time, kami na -late)

I’m motivated to study, if the professor is an inspiring teacher, I get fueled by my professors. Pag hindi sila magaling maturo, wala nako natutunan tamad pa ko lalong pasukan yung klase nila haha.

So to cut the story short. I got ¬†my first cinco. Masakit, lalo na if you’re the eldest in the family. If you graduated top from your high school. But looking back, I will never – ever change that cinco¬†to a passing three. Why?

1. My dad talked to me. See we never had a serious conversation. He RARELY talks. And he asked me a question that lingered to me all these years: Kung instructor mo ang problema kung bakit ka bumagsak, bakit may nakapasa na iba? Pointing fingers to other people will not help you progress in life. period. Okay, I admit I made a mistake, I will learn from it.

2. The purpose of studying is to LEARN not to PASS. Sure, I failed in that subject, but looking back – if I passed that subject – I will pass na wala akong natutunan. Is that the purpose why I’m in college? to get high grades – or to learn?

3. After that term, I became a scholar. Half scholar nga lang, pero still, I never – EVER expected na magiging scholar ako. I became more motivated – not to pass, not to become scholar – but to LEARN. Because of that, because of my hunger to LEARN MORE, I became a scholar.

By the time of graduation, my mom is still regretting na hindi ako nakakuha ng medal, because of my cinco. But for me, I believe that I will never even get a chance to have a medal if it’s not for my¬†cinco.

God lets us to be placed in fire – but He made us FIREPOOF. Just like the three brothers, the only thing that was burned are the ropes in their hands – which set them free.


Do you Shout when you’re angry?

I used to think there are “shouters” and “non-shouter” personality. I thought I’m not much of a shouter, and even if I do, it’s because people who I’m having an argument with, can’t hear me – I think¬†– that I need to shout.

But if you are in close proximity with the person you’re arguing with, do you really need to shout?

Here’s a wonderful answer I came across this morning in form of a story-the sage explained to his disciples why people shout when they are angry:
(To read the whole story click here)

“Anger immediately creates a distance. When two people are angry at each other, their hearts are no longer close, their emotions are divided and they go miles apart. To cover that distance they yell. The angrier they are, the louder they shout. They are no longer in mode of love, of acceptance, of proximity. They are unable to hear each other, shouting is how they believe they can be heard.
“And! what happens when two people fall in love? They don’t shout at each other but talk softly, they almost whisper, because their hearts are very close. There’s little or no distance between them.
“When they love each other even more, they exchange even less words, more softly, they murmur, they whisper, yet they hear each other better, their bond strengthens, their love prospers. Finally, they may not even whisper, they only look at each other, silence becomes more potent than speech, that’s how close two people can get when they are in love.

‚ÄúSo when you argue do not say words that break your bond of love and make you distant from each other.‚ÄĚ

Hmmm, It does makes sense right? What do you think?

img: moderco.com

For Forty Days

img src: wednesdayswithnic.com

Last Wednesday was the start of the Lenten Season, or more known as “Quaresma” here in the Philippines.

Quaresma from the latin word Quadregesima which means fortieth. This is the 40 day preparation for the death of Christ on Good Friday, and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  I

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter Sunday. Why 46 days? it’s because Sundays are not included in the 40 day preparation, since Sunday (not only Easter Sunday) celebrates Christ’s celebration. For more¬†info see here¬†how¬†are the 40 Days of Lent Calculated?

This 40 days is used as a period to reflect on our lives –¬†for repentance, with prayer, fasting and abstinence, and Confession.

Even though I grew up in a going-to-mass-every-Sundays family, I was never really exposed to this kind of culture. Sure we always observe the abstinence of meat during Holy Week, and on Fridays but I was never really taught as to why we are doing that.

My First Lent Experience. No Starbucks or any expensive Coffee for 40 Days.

The first time¬†I found out as to HOW the LENT should be observed – the “dying to yourself” part, not necessarily means that you deprived yourself from meat, but to give up something that is hindering you to become what God has created you for – a Champion in every aspect of life. So I decided to let go of my “addiction” to Starbucks.

It was 2011, I was living on my own, and my comfort is coffee. I’m not gonna sugar coat it but I spend 500-1000 a week for a coffee.¬†I am addicted. Sure I can afford it, but do I really need it?

After detoxifying myself from those High Priced Coffee-I learned why I spend too much time on coffee houses. I was already giving my tithes that time so the money I saved I use it in Stocks and to apply to Bo’s¬†Truly Rich Club. I became more giving to my family – I used to be a ‘makunat’ when it comes to my siblings. I also realized how the money I spend on a cup of coffee could feed a family of 6 for a whole day: I became more sympathetic to people who don’t have a lot. I also realized I use coffee to mask my sadness. Coffee gives me comfort – as what other sweets¬†does to me, it makes me happy, it covers how lonely and sad and unloved I was. At least that’s how I felt. Of course I realised that’s not true…

So those forty days made me closer to poor, got to know myself better, became more giving, started my financial literacy journey, became closer to God, and most importantly I lost a lot of weight (haha okay, the closer to God is more important)

Because of that experience, I always look forward for this 40 Days of lent.

This year’s Lent I will…

So this year I said I will limit myself to Social Media. It’s impossible to let go of facebook for 40 days, especially that I’m the head of the Media Ministry in our community, The Feast Valenzuela, (ExCUSES). But I promise I will limit myself in posting selfies (sorry fans!), and to spend no more than two hours a day – and use those time instead in reading the scripture or in prayer. Of course the reading the scripture and prayer never happened, I use it for more sleeping (oops)

But the other day, I received a thank you note from one of my dear friend. It melted my heart. She said she’s doing it as her 40 Day Lent Observance. Which made me realised when was the last time I thank the people around me? And so screw the no facebook thingy I will also do what she’s doing.

40 Days of Gratitude 

Holy week is a reminder of how God loves us so much. Jesus died for us, at no cost – and did we ever thank Him for that? So as I reflect this past few days I wanted to also observe a 40 Days of Gratitude to the people I love. I don’t express my feelings that much, so it would be really hard for me to do this haha. But I want to thank God for these people, so I am going to do this as my 40 Day Lent offering.

How ’bout you? How will you celebrate Quaresma this year?