There Are No Coincidences

Hi, My name is Emcy Manuel. I’m an Oracle Applications Developer by profession, a Social Media Strategist Wannabe,  and a Financial Literacy Advocate. And this is my story. I know, I wear many hats. Dami kong alam eh. Hehe. But one thing’s for sure, me being in IT is not just for the money. Heck,... Continue Reading →


I’m Going Back To The Start

Last week, I attended "Home-based 101: How to Earn from Home as a VA and a Blogger"  To be honest I don't remember why I signed up for that seminar. Wait, I do remember now because someone posted it on FB and it looked fun so I signed up 😀 I haven't been blogging for... Continue Reading →

Law of Attraction

Now, looking intently at the photo, I got goosebumps. THIS WAS NOT the orange-titanium Ecosport I was fantasizing before, this is the exact model that I'm driving now! The Ambiente-Red! I'm sure of this because the roof detail in the photo is black (for titanium, it's silver). Woah!

Reflections on Fireproof

It's the last term of 2nd Year in College, and I experienced my first Sinko. Ang malupit non, it's a major subject: JAVA, coming from a malupit na professor. The odd part, it's the same term that I got my first Uno as well, pero  in a minor subject. Why did it happened? Did I... Continue Reading →

Do you Shout when you’re angry?

I used to think there are "shouters" and "non-shouter" personality. I thought I'm not much of a shouter, and even if I do, it's because people who I'm having an argument with, can't hear me - I think - that I need to shout. But if you are in close proximity with the person you're arguing... Continue Reading →

For Forty Days

For Forty Days "So this year I said I will limit myself to Social Media. It's impossible to let go of facebook for 40 days, especially that I'm the head of the Media Ministry in our community, The Feast Valenzuela, (ExCUSES). But I promise I will limit myself in posting selfies (sorry fans!), "

Ang Ma-EMOng Dingding

Last Saturday, after we watched the Chicago play at Solaire Resorts. We had dinner at Project Pie. It was my first time there and I immediately noticed ang ma-emong Writings on the wall. And This one's my favorite: One may miss the mark of AIMING TOO HIGH, as TOO LOW - Thomas Fuller Food For... Continue Reading →

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